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Since its establishment, Donewell has grown over the years and is now the 11th largest Insurance Company in Ghana in terms of premium income out of 27 companies, providing full insurance services.

Donewell has during this period become the "Insurer of choice" for the country's leading Construction Firms and has insured many major developmental construction projects. These range from roads through high-rise buildings to major rehabilitation works at the two seaports of Tema and Takoradi. Donewell insured the only two new buildings constructed t house Diplomatic Missions within the past five years.

Examples of these projects include:

Standard Chartered Bank Head Office, High Street (Refurbishment)
Ecobank Ghana, Head Office, Accra (Refurbishment)
Bauxite Loading Facility, Takoradi Port
Container Terminal Plant, Tema Harbour
2-StoreyLaboratory for Noguchi Memorial Institute
Graphic Communications Group, Head Office, Accra (Refurbishment)
SSNIT Premier Towers, Accra.
SSNIT Ambassadorial Building, Accra
Refurbishment of Ohene Gyan and Elwak Sports Stadiums for CAN 2008
Sunyon Asogli Power Plant at Kpong Near Tema

Operationally, and using a five-year average, the Company has the fifth Best Return on Assets and the fourth Best Return on Investments and it has the fourth Lowest Claims Ratio.

One of Donewell's strong points in the industry is in the area of Claims settlement. Donewell has a claims response time of "48 hours", currently an industry benchmark.

Awards Donewell has received over the years include:

2002/2003 Ghana Club 100 member
2001 Ghana Club 100 member
1999 Millennium Excellence Award
1998 Official Insurer Ghana International Trade Fair
1997 Official Insurer Indutech
1995 C.I.M.G. Award.

Donewell's philosophy remains,..."IF IT MUST BE DONE, IT MUST BE DONEWELL"


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  • After being with Donewell for 12 years, I see changes that delight me with each renewal.
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