Motor Insurance

Motor Comprehensive Policy

Our Motor vehicle insurance provides three types of cover for vehicle owners and/or motorists. The covers are:

Comprehensive Cover

This policy gives the widest cover obtainable and indemnifies the insured against

Third Party Fire and Theft Cover

The company will indemnify the insured with respect to liability for

Third Party Liability Cover

The company will cover the Insureds liability to third parties for

Our motor policy conforms to the minimum Third Party Property Damage limit with an option to increase the limit.

Motor Comprehensive Policy

Part One

We Will Pay: [For Comprehensive Policy]

For loss of or damage to your vehicle and/accessories caused by or arising out of:

  • Accidental Collision or Overturning or Collision due to mechanical
  • Breakdown or wear and tear.
  • Fire, External explosion, Self-ignition or Lightening.
  • Theft, Burglary, Housebreaking
  • Malicious Act.
  • Flood, Storm, Hurricane, Volcanic Eruption,
  • Earthquake, or other Convulsion of Nature, Strike,
  • Riot, Civil, Commotion.

Part Two

Additional Benefits
  • Emergency Medical Expenses/Treatment
  • Compensation for Bodily Injury/Death
  • Personal Accident Benefit to Policyholder/Driver
  • Tyre Replacement
  • Windscreen Damage
  • Towing and Storage
  • Trailer
  • Ecowas Brown Card (Use within Ecowas Sub Region)


We Will Pay:

Liability to Third Parties

In respect of legal liability to third parties resulting from an accident caused by your vehicle, we will indemnify you or any other person with your consent for;

Additional Benefits


The minimum third party property damage limit is Gh¢ 2000.00. However, the limit could be increased with the payment of additional premium.

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