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I use this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site. As we embark on this phase in the company’s life with a new crop of young dynamic management, we will want to assure all our existing and prospective clients of our commitment to professionalism and customer care. It is indeed a very exciting time in the life of this company.

Our hallmark is customer satisfaction epitomized by prompt claims payment. Insurance is about fortuitous mishaps, when the unexpected does happen, we would want to be the ‘doers who do it well‘.

All you have to do is to transfer your risks to us. Risk is our business and we encourage businesses individuals and families to feel at ease and transfer their risks to us to handle.

Our tenets are built around solid structures to ensure our policyholders get unbiased, first-rate services throughout. Henceforth we pledge engagement of employees and customers to find solid risks based solutions to their needs.

On behalf of everyone here at Donewell, thank you for your continued custom. We are here for you. And we are here to persist.


If it must be done, it must be Donewell


For more information on our insurance policies please call us on: (030)763065,763171


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What Our Clients Say

  • After being with Donewell for 12 years, I see changes that delight me with each renewal.
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